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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hahas ! Today is the first day of secondary school life . Today , 4th January 2011 , marks the last day of our primary school life but begins our secondary school life . Make new friends but don't forget the old ones ( ME! ) . The canteen food was O-K-A-Y. Good thing is , during longer school days , there is recess and lunch , total 1 and a half hours . I'm gonna be in the red house for another 4 years . . .

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

7:12 PM

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey all !!!
Sorry tht my blog has been dead for decades...
Finally pri sch life is OVER! Got into my dream sch ... YAY!
Hope that every1 can go into their dream school
Going to LOT1 with dys on the 7th ,., ( EXCITED!)
Pls be reminded that those who are going to the West Coast BBQ trip , its nxt mon!
Date : 29th Nov
Time : 3.30pm - 8pm
Venue : West Coast Park BBQ Pit No. 1 & 2
Pls be thr !!! :)

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

10:21 PM

Friday, May 14, 2010

Exams finally over! Super happy :)
My results sucks ...
Going to the Adam Khoo thingy during the hols
HOLS = Alot HW
Maths got 50 prac paper
Sci got 20++ prac paper
Wanna die le -.-
Huiloo is still fighting with WanLing ....
Huiloo Huiloo Go GO GO ! Jiayou!!! :)

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

9:09 PM

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Sucks.
People in school are spreading rumors that don't make sense -.-
Spread rumors oso must use brain de right???
Nikhil sucks to the core man! Kip saying i like mel thn i say he like nadya he like so buey song!
btw ytd man utd vs man city 1-0
lass minute goal!!!! Woooooooooooots so happy!
I LOVE MANUTD!!!!!!! :)

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

4:21 PM

Saturday, March 13, 2010

YAYYYYYYYYY! Holidays finallly started !! :0
Going to Perth on the 18th . Dont miss meeeeee !!!
Got lots of damm homework
Maths is the WORST .
Packed the damm luaggage alrdy . I very kan jiong hor
All my jiees oso very exct except huiloo and xuan cos they ain't going :p
I cut my hair .... some ppl say cute some ppl say very weird.
ppl like melvin and skyxis say its weird and i kicked their ass
GLADYS and JED cannot tok to each other ( thats the best) unless its urgent and they have to stand 1 metre apart :)
haha JED so obi quack . HEHEHEHEHEHE :PPPPPPP

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

3:25 PM

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wooooooooots People!!! CNY is nearing!!!!! Happy-early chinese new year!!!
today we had the celebration in Sch!!! went to sch @ 7 in the morning
Thn i go help yong hao they all untangle the national flag
after tht we practice to give oranges to the GOHs n Chers
thn later got the PCK de video ... damm funny
dismissal tht time i go help Zayan collect the pri2 plackcards
Ohhhhhhhhh...... CNY mus collect alot ang paos :0

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

6:53 PM

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hais... come bac lerhhs :(
woots go thailand buy aloooooooooooooooot of things :)
sian... like so fast wanna school reopen ler-.- Pri 6 le . OMG -FREAKOUT- (:
Ehhhs sisters go overseas must buy things come bac give us :D
Miss UEEEs :(

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

3:20 PM

Monday, November 30, 2009

Went to school Play netball today :)
Jackie so kelian keep kanna hit by the ball
All Netball Players :
Every Monday
8:30 - 11:30
Meet at courtyard for prac :D
Just now go home walk with Ms Tay
OMG later still got tuition sian sia
Still got 3 more daes :)

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

1:30 PM

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yesterday was such a day (:
In the afternoon went to Center Point to c shoe then WALK to ION Orchard see see eat eat shop shop then at night frm ION walk to Taka... Walk Walk Walk ;o
Yay{!} 3rd going Thailand (: Sisters... fang xin ... i will buy things for you all derhs if nt will kanna whack ? lols
Wish wo yi lu shun feng bahs (: !!!

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

2:25 PM

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yo! ps long time boh post.
Finally holiday le sia(: exams results sux hen next year go 6g sian lor dhaniyah go 6f -.-
Huiloo de rival cum our class then like so left out (: Hui Loo must Jiayous !!!
Wth hell lor tht day go pulau wubin theodor go kick me -.- most of them bring fone also dunno for what siol also never pickup/on. so orbi jed kanna scolded by the tour guide + ms wee (: he so huo gai .
so shock sia Melvin is head prefect . . . i tot is yong hao ... congrats lor

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

11:47 AM

Monday, September 7, 2009

SCH HOLIDAES boring cos oni got 3 daes -.-
I hate DHANIYAH!!!!! C till her i like wanna die
wahahas thn i go tell mdm han she like MK :)
wth lorhs my CA2 results suck like hell
ENG:63(my most low de result)
CHI:70+(zzzz got even lower thn HL)
SCI:77(wooooots so happie)
Gladys: sia la u every wk go msia 4 wat siol thn nvr pei wo sms y dun u jus go msia stay sia ... (got ppl will cry sio)
HuiLoo: hey sowwie huhs cnt go play netball with u T.T

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

5:46 PM

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gladys u 'rox' man .....
Today got loaaaaaads of hw to do.....
Cher's day cumming thn p5 prefects gotta do sth ,th sth is diff + simple
Its diff cos we, th prefects, gotta collect the wrk
Its simple cos THEY gotta do th wrk hahas :)
Me n Gladys - collect p6 (diao is Gladys choose derrrhs)
Shing Neng n Lavaniya - p5
dunno who n dunno who - p4
Melvin n Zheng qian - p3

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

4:37 PM

Saturday, August 15, 2009

wooots nxt wk thurs n fri no sch !! all thanks to the p6 PSLE oral exam
Jiayous all the p6 ppl (:
Theodor n Yishen fighting hard man !! Xuanyun kana suspected of h1n1 T.T kelians
wahaha tht day CME lesson ms Tan say nid act dram thn Skyxis act as Mrs Lim hahahaha
After tht he say dunwan thn chng to Yide -.-
Melvin becum reporter seh......

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

12:28 PM

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today n ytd is e-learning day ......
At home do hw, read bk soooooo sian
Long time nvr go sch thn a little miss sch
Last sun Gladys, Shin Neng, Xuan Yun, Yan Ling cum my hse play
thn hor very stupid sia we playing Wii thn yanling use th remote go smack me -.-
i vs gladys in boxing wth thn my hand th nxt day so pain... T.T

Qian Huii

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

9:47 AM

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today no MT class thn go for th national day flag party thing ... Zheng qian walk so slow -.- thn nid keep redo sia... Actually gladys is pull th flag de thn hor th Nadya go tell mr Mohan tht she duno how 2 do thn nadya kana scolded by gladys :p
Lols actually i tot Gladys will pull flag with skyxis if really hor thn nid take pic
Today Mrs Tan nvr cum ...again...
thn Mr Ho our relieve cher 4 2 days
Recess Theodor sooooo stupid sia ... we play virus thn he go slap my back thn i wan slap him bac he go to th courtyard-field fence thn nid me pull him off th thing he so un-man lor go hide -.-
Qiian Huii :D

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

4:35 PM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today damn diao sio...
Finally got cca le hor thn rain = no netball -.-
thn miss soh sae go pri 1 classrm watch movie, go in th classrm thn got announcement (nvr hear)
thn suddenly yong hao n yiling chiong into th classrm ask me,gladys,melvin go to general office
yuan lai is nid go prac th national dae th flag party thing
thn nid take th flag with zheng qian,deva,zhiqin -.-
gladys,yiling,skyxis n jonathan duno nid do wat
wth th huiloo go c my inbox!!! 4got take my fone-.-
Recess finally came.... i nvr eat oni drink (Ice Lemon Tea :DDD)
todae oni got chi hw, heng arh thn cn read my bk ( Private)

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

5:43 PM

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ps arhs last time tht blog i 4got pw...

{ Enjoy L-I-F-E :D }

7:58 AM

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